Things to know to ensure Ensuring Your Property Tax Statement is accurate

Ensuring Your Property Tax Statement Accuracy

While property tax statements may feel mundane and tedious, it is imperative that you do not overlook or ignore them.

While most property tax statements are correct and require no revisions, many can include discrepancies that can cost you money. At Valor, our team is committed to reviewing your property tax statements to ensure they are accurate. We do not want to see asset owners being taxed on land they don’t own or paying for a mistake made by a third party.

Basic information and key dates regarding property tax statements:

1. When are property tax statements mailed out?

Usually the first week of October.

Note:  Failure to receive a property tax statement does not waive penalties and interest. Therefore, it is important that you have records of all your property tax statements. 

2. What do I do if I don’t receive my property tax statement?

Visit your local county tax website (where your property resides) to search and access your statement. If you have Valor Mail Services set up, we will complete this process for you. 

3. What is the last day to pay my property taxes without penalties?

January 31st.

Need assistance with property taxes? Let us help! Contact us today and let Valor be your extra set of eyes.

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