4 Common Pitfalls of Mineral Rights Owners

At Valor, our mission is to bring peace of mind to our current and prospective clients. 

Therefore, we want to share the most common ways we see people losing money on their mineral rights and some simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening. 

1. Know your mineral rights.

Ensure you are well versed on your mineral rights, data, well production and drilling activity. Oil and gas companies, landmen and mineral rights buyers can have a distinct advantage over you because they have more information and are experts in the industry. 

2. Watch out for common scams. 

People who want to cash in on the fact that you’re new to the world of mineral rights can “take a little off the top” left, right and sideways. 

Here are a few of the common ways we’ve seen mineral rights owners get taken advantage of or miss out on what they are owed: 

  • Not knowing what people in the surrounding area are being paid for their oil leases.
  • Having wells drilled on or across their land without knowing. 
  • Not understanding what they are signing.
  • Not being paid the correct amount for their share of the production.

3. Empower yourself with data

Data will set you free. Knowing what you have, how much you have, how it works, and having the most information possible (plus, understanding it all) is the best way to avoid getting scammed or missing out. 

We recommend finding a trusted advisor, such as Valor, whose entire business model is to help mineral and royalty owners.

4. Don’t be scared; be prepared.

If you’ve inherited or recently purchased mineral rights, that’s a reason to rejoice. However, if you feel you could fall victim to any of these pitfalls we have shared – seek expert guidance.

At Valor, we understand that managing mineral rights and associated royalties can be complex and fraught with potential pitfalls. Our team of experts specializes in navigating these complexities to help mineral owners avoid common mistakes that can significantly hinder the value of their assets. From ensuring accurate and comprehensive title searches to providing strategic guidance on oil and gas leasing and negotiations, Valor acts as a guardian for your assets. We meticulously monitor regulatory changes and market conditions to ensure compliance and capitalize on opportunities, enhancing both the security and profitability of your assets.

By partnering with Valor, mineral owners gain peace of mind and a proactive ally dedicated to maximizing their returns and protecting their interests.

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