Understanding the worth of your minerals in Texas.

How much are mineral rights worth in Texas today?

It’s important to understand the history and current value of your mineral rights and ensure you are maximizing your opportunities as the rightful owner. Valor’s expert mineral managers are here to help. 

Understanding Texas mineral rights value fluctuation?

Texas is the king of oil and gas in the United States. It produces more oil and gas historically than any other state, and it has done so for a very long time. For generations, mineral rights have been divided among heirs of oil-holding families in Texas. These owners now want to know what their rights are worth.

Location matters

There are differences in the value of Texas mineral rights depending on where they are located. Owning in the heart of the Midland Basin might be more valuable than owning mineral rights in Llano, Texas. It’s important to learn more about where your rights are located and how close they are to oil and gas development.

Not every operator is equal

Oil and gas operators vary, each one is different. Some operate better than others and provide more value to the owners of the minerals. Knowing who operates your property and how they work is beneficial in knowing the value of your minerals

Find a Trusted Professional

Finding a professional mineral management company is the best route to learning more about what you own and what it might be worth. A Certified Mineral Manager at Valor can help you better discover the value of what you own and provide revenue optimization for your mineral rights.

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