Top 5 questions for Valor's mineral management team

Top 5 Questions from Mineral Owners

Valor’s Director of Business Development, Aaron Calhoun, addresses the top 5 questions he gets asked most offten by prospective mineral management clients

Our team frequently receives questions from prospective clients who are seeking expert support in managing their mineral assets. These inquiries cover a wide range of topics, from understanding mineral rights ownership to maximizing revenue and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Recognizing the importance of these concerns, we’ve dedicated this blog to addressing these questions head-on. Our aim is to provide clear, insightful answers that not only help demystify the complexities of mineral rights management but also illustrate how our services can offer valuable support. Whether you’re new to mineral ownership or looking to optimize the management of your assets, this blog is designed to answer your top questions.

1. Will Valor ensure I am being paid correctly on my mineral assets?

Answer: Yes. At Valor, ensuring you are being paid correctly on your mineral assets is a fundamental part of our service. We conduct thorough royalty audits and closely monitor payment statements from operators to verify that you receive every dollar you are entitled to. Our proprietary mineral management software,®, allows us to run pay status reports and discover missing payments. Our team also cross-references production reports, sales data, and lease agreement terms to ensure accuracy in royalty calculations and payments. If discrepancies are found, we take immediate action to rectify them on your behalf. Additionally, our team stays informed on market trends and legal changes that could affect your revenue, ensuring that your payments reflect the current value of your assets. Our proactive approach and attention to detail mean you can have peace of mind knowing that your mineral assets are being managed diligently and profitably.

2. Can Valor help increase the revenue from my mineral rights?

Answer: Valor leverages extensive industry knowledge and relationships, market intelligence, proprietary mineral management software and strategic negotiation skills to secure the most favorable lease terms and royalty rates for our clients. By actively managing leases, monitoring market trends, and advocating for your interests, we aim to increase revenue from your mineral rights. Additionally, our expertise in legal and regulatory compliance can help avoid costly penalties and ensure that your assets are managed efficiently. Lastly, while our team might not “increase” your revenue, we often recover suspended funds that mineral owners are unaware of. These discoveries can help mineral owners gain access to money that is rightfully theirs.

3. Can I still be involved in decision-making if I outsource the management of my mineral rights to Valor?

Answer: Of course. We always consult with our clients before proceeding with any decisions regarding their assets. Our goal is to manage and optimize day-to-day operations and work with you as much or as little as you desire. We believe in maintaining an open line of communication and ensuring that you are fully informed about and comfortable with the decisions being made about your mineral rights. Your involvement in the decision-making process is crucial to us, as it helps ensure that our actions align with your goals and expectations.

4. What access will I have to my revenue and land records?

Answer: Our proprietary mineral management software,®, provides our clients with comprehensive access to their revenue and land records. This innovative platform allows you to see all your land assets accurately mapped and offers digital access to any corresponding documents, such as deeds, lease agreements, and royalty statements. Furthermore, you can track your revenue down to the well, product, county, state, and payor. This level of detail and transparency ensures that you have a clear and complete understanding of your mineral rights portfolio and its performance at all times.

5. What is Valor’s fee structure for mineral rights management?

Answer: Fees for mineral management vary on the scope of work (SOW) and services requested by prospective clients. Our team prepares personalized quotes for onboarding and monthly management. For example, a client who utilizes our land management,® software, accounting, scanning and mail services will likely have a higher fee than a client who utilizes us solely for mineral management accounting. Valor’s fees are not based on a percentage of gross revenue that our clients make.  Our estimates, quotes and ultimately our monthly invoice is billed by the hour for the work performed. Unlike other mineral management companies, we do not make a percentage of money off your revenue. Our goal is to bring value to your assets through our proactive approach to managing these assets for you.

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