Valor Employee Spotlight, Teresa Hathcock, Senior Accountant

Valor Employee Spotlight | Teresa Hathcock

Welcome to our Valor Employee Spotlight series! In this edition, we’re thrilled to introduce Teresa Hathcock, Senior Accountant. Teresa is a vital member of the Valor family and we can’t wait for you to learn more about her!

Background and Experience

Teresa boasts an impressive background with nearly two decades of industry experience, focusing on oil and gas revenue accounting. She embarked on her career journey by working for upstream operators, where she gained initial industry exposure. She furthered her experience in the industry when she joined an oil and gas company, expanding her skill set by learning to file severance taxes and perform reconciliations.

Her career trajectory eventually led her to a permanent role as a Revenue Accountant, a position where she demonstrated her proficiency in a wide range of software and tools. Teresa is skilled in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook, as well as Dropbox and Google’s suite of services including Drive, File Stream, Sheets, and Email. Additionally, she has developed expertise in industry-specific accounting software such as Excalibur / Nexgen V6 & V8 and Artesia (AS400 system), along with other platforms.

Role at Valor

Teresa joined Valor’s team more than three years ago and has since become an instrumental part of the organization, particularly in supporting mineral management clients. She plays a huge role in the onboarding process for these clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. Teresa is responsible for pulling all digital checks for Valor’s clients, and processing them to ensure they are ready for the mineral management accounting team to review and upload into® for client visibility. Teresa has learned and optimized Valor’s custom programs that help prepare files for the accounting team. She also plays a key role in ensuring that programs are correctly coded for revenue-related bookings, highlighting any discrepancies that stand out. Furthermore, Teresa is tasked with pulling all checks and accurately inputting checks and JIBs, showcasing her attention to detail.

Teresa’s Favorites

Outside the Office
Outside of work, Teresa enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She makes it a point to visit Montana annually, where she explores its parks and enjoys the natural scenery.

Favorite Drink/Food
Teresa’s favorite meal is Chick-fil-A nuggets with honey mustard sauce, paired with sweet tea, and a frosted sugar cookie topped with sprinkles for dessert.

What Teresa Loves Most About Valor

What Teresa loves most about working at Valor is the sense of camaraderie and the people she works with, alongside the opportunity to continually learn new programs and skills. She appreciates that her learning never becomes stagnant, and there are always new things to explore and opportunities for growth.

Teresa is a remarkable example of the talent we have here at Valor. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights to learn about the incredible individuals who make Valor a great place to work!

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