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Valor: Your Partner in Asset Management Services

At Valor, we stand at the forefront of specialty asset management, dedicated to empowering mineral rights owners, oil and gas operators, and investors. Our comprehensive suite of oil and gas outsourcing services and innovative approaches are tailored to enhance security, clarity, and revenue optimization for both individual and institutional clients.

Who We Are

Valor is comprised of a team of multigenerational oil and gas experts and industry pioneers, each with experience across various industry sectors. We are well-versed in the complexities of oil and gas assets and the meticulous management they require to deliver favorable results for our clients. Our mineral management and outsourcing solutions are crafted to address the specific challenges our clients face every day. We strive to be more than just a service provider; instead your partner in financial and operational success.

Celebrated Success

Since our inception, Valor has been recognized with numerous accolades across various dimensions of our industry and corporate culture. We are grateful for these acknowledgments, which include prestigious awards for our rapid growth, like making the Inc. 5000 list and being named among Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Southwest Region for 2023 and 2024. Our growth has also been spotlighted by Clutch as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and by the Financial Times as one of The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies in 2024. On the cultural front, we’ve been honored by Fort Worth Inc. as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Fort Worth for 2022 and 2023, recognized globally and in North America by Inspiring Workplaces™, and our CEO has been celebrated as an Inspiring Leader. Moreover, our finance team has been acknowledged for its innovation by D CEO, and we’ve received a Gold Stevie® Award from the American Business Awards® as the Financial Services Company of the Year. Additionally, Hart Energy has honored our president as a promising young leaders with the 40 under 40 Award, presented by Oil & Gas Investor Magazine. These awards are a testament to our team’s dedication and drive to excel, reflecting our deep commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to our clients.

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Our Services

Our expertise spans across crucial areas such as mineral management, oil and gas accounting, land management, regulatory compliance and lease negotiation and counsel. With a robust foundation in these disciplines, we ensure that all your asset management needs can be met with one trusted provider.

Comprehensive Mineral Management Services

Our Mineral Management Department is the core of our operations, where we offer a wide array of services to manage, grow, and safeguard your assets:

  • Streamlined Accounting Services: Accurate and timely financial records.
  • Digital Document Management: Secure and accessible document storage.
  • Public Activity and Offset Drilling Tracking: Stay updated with industry movements.
  • Ownership Verification & Correction: Ensuring your records are precise.
  • Negotiation Council & Execution: Expert support in all your negotiation needs.
  • Proprietary Software Access: Exclusive access to our® software.
  • Financial Reporting and 24/7 Asset Reporting: Comprehensive insights into your assets.
  • Joint Interest Billing (JIB) and Division Order Processing: Efficient handling of critical billing and order processes.
  • Contract Analysis and Asset Preparation for the Next Generation: Preparing your estate for future transitions.
  • Property Tax Audit and 1099 Review: Critical evaluations for compliance and accuracy.
  • Mail Services and Custom Solutions: Tailored services to fit your unique needs.

Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions

At Valor, we recognize the critical importance of efficient back-office operations in driving business success. Our oil and gas outsourcing D\department is specifically designed to support oil and gas operators and investors by handling the complex, day-to-day administrative tasks that are essential yet time-consuming. Our services in this area include:

Accounts Payable (AP) and Receivable (AR): Managing incoming and outgoing financial transactions meticulously.
Financial and Operational Reporting: Delivering detailed reports for better decision-making.
Production Reporting: Providing accurate updates on production status to optimize operations.
Revenue Data Entry and Revenue Processing: Ensuring all revenue transactions are recorded accurately and processed efficiently.
Joint Interest Billing (JIB): Handling billing associated with joint venture partnerships.
Authorizations for Expenditures (AFE) and Transactional Services: Facilitating the approval of capital expenditures and managing transactional operations.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all operations comply with relevant laws and regulations to avoid penalties and disruptions.
DOI & Suspense Maintenance: Managing division of interest (DOI) and suspense accounts to ensure proper revenue distribution.
Vendor & Owner Information Management: Keeping vendor and owner records up-to-date for seamless operations.
W-9 Maintenance: Ensuring tax information for vendors and partners is current and compliant.
Revenue & Royalty Distributions: Efficiently processing payments to ensure timely and accurate distributions.
Lease Operating Statements: Preparing detailed statements that provide insights into the financial performance of lease operations.

Our Reputation

At Valor, nothing is more rewarding than hearing from our clients about the positive impact we’ve had on their operations and lives. The trust our clients place in us to manage such valuable assets is not just a professional responsibility—it’s a privilege. Knowing that our services genuinely enhance the financial and operational well-being of those we serve fuels our commitment to excellence and drives us to continuously improve and innovate in all that we do.

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Why Choose Valor?

Choosing Valor means opting for a partner who understands the intricacies of your assets and is equipped to handle its challenges. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of mineral rights or streamlining oil and gas operations, our team is here to propel you toward your goals with strategic expertise and innovative solutions.


Contact us today and let us get to work managing your oil and gas assets.

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